Shon in Koh Samui, Thailand

Shon is a Boston area musician that has a love for ukulele and traveling.  His first ukulele was purchased right before his first trip to Europe.  He named it “Friendship.”  During his trip, he couldn’t put the thing down.  The first song he learned how to play was “Something” by the Beatles while sitting on a bench in Barcelona.  His thirst for knowledge grew and grew.

People signing Friendship in Amsterdam

Shon met a lot of people along the way and had them sign it.  He loved the fact that such a small instrument could bring people together.

This ukulele made his trip exponentially better!

He bought a second ukulele and spent a month in Thailand meeting people and honing his craft.

The idea for a blog came to him as he began teaching ukulele lessons.  He figured it would be a great resource for his students…AND THE WORLD!

Shon’s second ukulele in Dubai