Here are some of my favorite websites, resources and tools to really get your learn on.

Chord Finder

Ukuchords – Getting stuck with that Gm7b5?  This is one of the best websites to learn several ways to play the same chord.  It’s definitely worth taking a peek at whether you’re just starting out or a master looking for help with that chord melody.

Ukulele Chords – This ukulele chord finder is amazing.  You pick the chord that you’re looking for and click “show me this chord.”  It then takes you to a page with more information about that chord than you’d ever want to know, including a picture of a person playing it, audio of how it sounds, different inversions, a difficulty rating, related scales, and so much more.  Wow.

Sight Reading Help

Practice Sight Reading – A free resource that generates rhythms (free) and melodies (paid) to aid in sight reading.  Each example is computer generated, customizable and printable.  It’s a must for anyone who is trying to improve their sight reading speed.

Strum Patterns (dot) Com – Feeling a bit stale with using the same strum pattern for every song? This is another free resource that has strum patterns at every difficulty level to practice and loop.

 Ear Training

Transcribe! – My favorite program to use for learning songs by ear!  Drag your mp3 into the program to see the waveform, which you can then highlight to create the loop.  Then, slow it down, change the pitch, and learn that difficult lick you’ve always struggled with.  The software is $39, but it’s money well spent.

Toned Ear – Struggling with hearing those intervals, chords, or notes?  This is a FANTASTIC FREE website that will train your ears to hear any interval with ease.  Train intervals, chords, scales, chord progressions and more.

Chord Chart Databases

Doctor Uke – Check this website out for over 2000 classic songs sorted by difficulty level.  His chord charts are well made, and he records himself singing & playing along with each of them for ease of learning.  If you like classic pop and jazz, this is one of the best ukulele resources I know of!

Ultimate Guitar – It’s definitely not just for guitar…I use this website more than I care to admit for finding chord/lyric charts.  It’s also a great resource for tabs.  Find thousands of popular songs from your favorite artists in an easily readable and editable format.  Change the keys, find strum patterns, and print them out.  The submissions are from all over the internet, so they may have inaccuracies.  I generally follow the charts that have the most 5 star ratings!