Riptide – Vance Joy


This is a great song for beginning ukulele players!  Let’s get started. First, if you’re planning on playing the song along with the recording, you will need to put a capo on the first fret.  If you don’t have a capo, you can tune your ukulele to G# C# F A#.  Let’s look at the chords that will be used in this song:

Am           G           C             F

Before you try to use the strum pattern, make sure to memorize these chords.  Try to play along with a metronome slowly, playing each of these chords four times.  This song is rather quick, so it’s important to keep it slow at first.  The F chord comes in during the bridge of the song, so it’s good to learn it with the other ones.

Strum Pattern

riptide strum pattern

This is the strum pattern for Riptide.  Again, use a metronome!  At first, don’t use pitches.  Mute the strings and get the rhythm down with your right hand.  It’s best to count “One Two Rest And Four And” out loud while you play it.

Once you have the strum pattern down, put the chords in there!  Make sure you play slowly at first to really feel the rhythm.  Keep your right hand loose.


The Bridge

The opening section in the bridge can be a little tricky if you’re just starting out, but it’s worth figuring out.  It’s mostly open strings.  Feel free to follow the tab to get the right fingering.  The second to fourth fret on the C string is hammered on.

riptide bridge